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Our Ancient Period covers from the first Pharoahs to the Fall of the Western Roman Empire.  So if you want the armies of Sparta, Egypt or Rome this is where you need to go.

Our Early Medieval range covers armies that appeared between the Fall of the Western Roman Empire and 1100AD. Our armies include the Byzantines, Arab Conquest, Saxons and Normans.

Our Later Medieval armies from around 1100 to 1500AD, We have armies the cover the Crusades, Mongols, Timurids and Western Europe.

The later figures may be used together with those from our Renaissance ranges.

Keils and Tercios are our speciality, however if you add a few figures from our Medieval ranges you can quite quickly build many of the early Renaissance armies. 

Here at the animal fair you can buy the humdrum, the exotic and the downright magnificent!

We have sheep and dogs, geese and chickens, ducks and swans, sea birds, sharks and the long dead Yangchuanosaurus. That’s farm animals, wild animals, fantasy animals and dinosaurs then.

So if you want a pet, sacrifical offering or something to chomp your dungeoneers have a look, check the teeth and make sure it’s a healthy one.

Everything you need to delve that dungeon!  Treasure packs, roaming monsters Wicked Wizards and Sorcerer’s lab equipment.  There’s also Dwarves – loads of Dwarves, oh and just a few Elves as well.

This is the age of the Great Game, Imperial powers and colony grabbing.  With our Zulu range you are well able to defend your homeland against all comers.

NEW!! On February 14th 2020 we launched Wargamer's Whims terreain cloth & battlemats.

We are the sole suppliers of these mats in the UK.

If you don't see the terrain type or size that you need, please contact us, we may be able to help.

We do not ship Wargamer's Whims products outside of the UK.

This section of the website also has the latest Army lists for WRG 7th Edition Rules in one A4 book.

The Army Lists have conversion tables for compatibility with WRG 6th Edition Rules.

These Lists also contain the agreed rule clarifications.

As well as our WRG 6/7th Army List book, the Gaming Catalogue has various gaming accessories, dice and bases.

These ranges are 25mm and may be compatible with 28mm ranges


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