We launched in September 2017, bringing back to the Wargames 25mm scale market brands that have been lost for several years.

Initially we launched the Pendragon and ‘Early’ Dixon figures, in addition to these we have the rights to QT, Amazon, and some SKT figures.  Our aim is to bring all of these additional brands back to the market in the coming months.

The ranges include many popular genres of Wargaming; from pre-historic (Dinosaurs and Bronze Age Europeans – shades of Raquel Welch?), through Classical History (Greece, Rome & their enemies; Alexander or Caesar perhaps?) to the Dark Ages, Medieval, Renaissance, Colonial (Zulus), World War 2, on to Pulp Action, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

For the Dungeon Delvers amongst you we have Pendragon with Wizards, Monsters, treasure packs and Dwarves.  The Early Dixon Range brings more Dwarves (& some Elves) and starts our historical ranges, with Chinese, Arab, Vikings, Medieval, Renaissance (including Flodden), Mongols, Moghuls, Huns, Avars, Pechenegs and baggage animals.

We will have released our animals range, which are good for baggage, dinosaurs (remember Ms. Welch?), a large part of the QT ‘Multipart 25’ range, which includes even more Dwarves and fills in many of the gaps in the Renaissance and Ancient periods.  We have also moved into the area of Pulp Action with the release of the Santa Claws gang range at the end of 2018.

Still to come are the remnants of the QT multi-part range (mainly Wagons, seige equipment and Elephants) and more Amazon Amazon Miniatures ranges, including various Chinese armies, the infamous ‘Guns and Girls’ and Amazon warriors.

New releases will be posted in our newsletter as well as on Twitter, Facebook and our Blog.

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