Derby Delights

19th/20th May 2018

Entry fee & Closing date

Entry fee £25,

Closing date for entries 31st March 2018.  Entries will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and we will use spare capacity from unfilled competitions to accommodate where there are more entries than initially catered for.  Competitions that do not reach a minimumof 6 entries will be cancelled, entrants will be offered a place in a different competition or their money back.  Spare places will be allocated to other competitions. We will take a maximum of 40 entrants across the 4 competitions.

The entry fee includes a hot meal (with a vegetarian choice) on both days, as well as free tea and coffee for the entire weekend.  The venue has a bar, free parking and is easily accessible. Please tell us about any dietary needs that you need us to cater for (i.e. Coeliac) these can not be catered for on the weekend.

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Please send Army lists to the designated list checker (see competition specific sections) by 30 April 2018.  Late submission of army lists will be penalised.

Venue location
The competition is being held at the home of Derby Wargames Society which is:

The Victory Club
85 Chellaston Road,
DE24 9AF

Directions to the venue

Timetable for the event
8:30  Register
9:00 – 12:30 First game
12:30 – 13:30  Lunch
13:30 – 17:00  Second game

9:00 – 12:30   Third game
12:30 – 13:30   Lunch
13:30 – 17:00  Fourth game
17:00 – 17:30  Prize presentation
Players more than 30 minutes late for a game will forfeit that game.

Periods And rule sets
There are 3 periods and rule sets on offer for this competition –

WRG 7th Edition – High Medieval – Western Europe 1250 – 1484AD, 1600 pts.
Field of Glory, Renaissance – "My Kiel will kill you", 900 pts
Mortem et Gloriam – Any Army Any List, 11000 pts

All competitions are using 15mm figures and scales as per the different rules and will be played on 6' x 4' tables

If you have any queries regarding the event please contact

WRG 7th specific instructions and rules

Competition Rules for 7th Edition

  • Please provide your own terrain. Weather and time of day will not be used.  When rolling for waterways, discard on 1 – 4, they may be placed on either flank with a score of 5 or 6. They may not be deployed more than 6” in from the flank.
  • When a unit has to take multiple waver tests for different causes at the same time, roll for them individually, if an earlier test is failed then the unit will count as shaken for the remaining tests in the sequence.
  • Copies of the new book are available from WGW, cost £25 + P&P.
  • Games will last 3½ hours including set-up
  • The last published amendments will be used, as they appear in the ‘new’ list.
  • Troops who move while in ambush will not become ‘known enemy’ unless seen by enemy troops.
  • Charges not written down before declaration will be cancelled (see charge declarations in the rules).
  • No more generals are permitted than are available in the lists.
  • Units may pass within 40 paces of an enemy unit during voluntary movement, although they must finish their move at 40 paces from any enemy.
  • Hills are played as per the rules; they may not be flat topped.
  • Boats are not permitted.  Only items permitted to a specific list are allowed.
  • Only options that fall within the dates below are permitted.

Armies are from the latest book – published 2016.

High Medieval - Western Europe 1250 – 1485AD

223 Viking and Leidang
257 Catalan & Aragon
266 Communal Italian
267 Navarre
271 Papal Italian
272 The Lords of the Isles
273 Kurfursten German
279 Feudal French
280 Sicilian Norman
289 Imperial German
290 German City States
291 German Free Canton
292 German Price-Bishop
293 Scots Common Army
297 Mediaeval Irish
299 Anglo-Irish
301 Feudal English
317 Granadine
318 Early Swiss
329 Medieval Danish
330 Medieval Swedish
333 Low Countries
335 Italian Condotta
336 Venice in Italy


335 Italian Condotta
336 Venice in Italy
338 Milan
339 Florence
340 Papal States
341 Pisa or Paduan
342 Naples
343 100 Year’s War English
345 Medieval French
349 Aragon
350 Portugal
354 Castile
357 Duchy of Burgundy
360 Scandinavian Union
363 Later Swiss
364 Hussite
367 French Ordonnance
368 Wars of the Roses Lancastrian
369 Wars of the Roses Yorkist
370 Charles the Bold Burgundian
371 Castilian Reconquista
372 Wars of the Roses Richard III
373 Wars of the Roses Tudor
374 Wars of the Roses Yorkist Pretender

Field of Glory Renaissance specific instructions and rules

Competition rules – FoGR

  • Players to provide their own terrain.
  • Armies will be up to 900 pts, using the points as released on 1/4/18.
  • The army must have at least two Keils or Early Tercios or three late Tercios.
  • No muskets may be used.
  • Artillery may be in any position in the Order of March.
  • The amendments and clarification in use on 1/4/18 will be used.
  • Army lists to Stephen Stead by 30/4/18: Army lists submitted late will have to make straggling throws for their deployment groups: up to 4 days- the last group; 4-7 days- the last 2 groups; 8-11 days- the last 3 groups; 12-14 days the whole army; later than that the whole army twice.
  • 4 games following the published timetable.

Mortem et Gloriam specific rules and instructions

Competition rules – Mortem et Gloriam

Players to provide their own terrain.
4 games
11,000 points
Any army
Lists to Simon Hall
Rules and clarifications as 1/1/2018
4 games following the published timetable.

Directions to the venue

From the City Centre

  • Take the A514 Osmaston Road directly away from the city centre (it should be sign posted Melbourne) and is accessible from the Derby Inner Ring Road.
  • Carry on along this road until you reach an island with a huge footbridge, after you have passed through the shopping centre The Victory Club is on your left (be careful there are several speed camera’s along here and the speed limit is 30mph).

From the East

  • From the A52 take the Derby ring road (A5111- be careful there are several speed cameras along this route – the speed limit on the dual carriageway is 50mph and 40 mph along the road from the dual carriageway) stay on the A5111 until you reach the island with the huge footbridge.
  • Here take the first exit and after you have passed through the shopping centre The Victory Club is on your left (be careful there are several speed camera’s along here and the speed limit is 30mph).

From the West

  • Follow the A50 to the Swarkestone junction (it’s the one after the junction with the A38), then follow as from the South.

From the North

  • Drive into Derby.
  • Take the inner ring road.
  • Follow signs for Melbourne and join the A514 (Osmaston Road) at the island.
  • Carry on until you reach a huge footbridge, go directly across the island, remaining on the A514.
  • After you have passed through the shopping centre The Victory Club is on your left.

From the South

  • M1 onto A50.
  • At the junction for Swarkestone (I think junction 3) Come off the A50 onto the A514 and head into Derby.
  •   You will go through a set of traffic lights, across an island and then cross another set of traffic lights. 
  • After approximately 200 yards you will see The Victory Club on your right.

If you have any queries regarding the event please contact