"Throw off your worries when you throw off your clothes at night." - Napoleon Bonepart.

April 2024 – Featured Range is ACW

To mark the 162nd anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing) our ACW range is Highlighted this month. All figures, bodies, heads & weapons in the ACW range will have a 5% discount automatically added at checkout. This is in addition to any “member” discount.

This battle took place over two days (6 & 7 April 1862) and was the bloodiest battle of the war up to that point. The confederates had the best of 6th April, despite losing their commander in chief. Over night the Union force was reinforced by parts of Buell’s Army of the Ohio whilst the Confederates only received about 600 poorly armed new recruits. This was one reason that the Union forces prevailed in this battle.

We have added a few new figures, kits from the QT Multi-part heads, bodies etc. These include Ulysses S. Grant, Albert Sidney Johnston (killed on 6 April), Pierre G.T. Beauregard (took command of the Confederate forces after Johnston’s death), William J. Hardee and Don Carlos Buell.

ACW – Wargames Design Workshop