"Courage is found in unlikely places." - J.R.R. Tolkien.

Featured range – May – Fantasy

From Dungeon equipment, to Monsters to guard it, to Characters to plunder it this and everything in between. We have – Pendragon Studios figures, artefacts, furniture and monsters. Dixon Miniatures Dwarves, including their ‘multi-part’ dwarves figures supplied with a range of hand held weapons (in hands) for left right or both hands (weapons supplied at […]

April 2024 – Featured Range is ACW

To mark the 162nd anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing) our ACW range is Highlighted this month. All figures, bodies, heads & weapons in the ACW range will have a 5% discount automatically added at checkout. This is in addition to any “member” discount. This battle took place over two days (6 & […]

Featured Range – March ’24 (Pre-Historic figures)

This month we highlight our Pre-historic animal range. There are over 30 products in this range; we have a mix of Reptiles, mammals, including early Hominids, and relics. Pre-Historic – Wargames Design Workshop These products will have a 5% discount applied at checkout, there’s no need to add a code, throughout March. Our largest model […]

I’m turning Japanese!

Sumo Basho is a game even your Granny will love! A humorous, irreverent look at the World of Sumo and man mountains, Sumo Basho is a fast-paced, card-driven game for two players. The aim of the game is to push your opponent out of the ring by fair means or foul. Then bask in the […]

The Baron of Hangore

The Baron of Hangore and his men From his impregnable keep high above the Vale of Hangore, the Baron can see his enemies coming from many miles away.  This allows him time to call his men to defend his lands.  Accompanied by the (in)famous Hangore Death Riders, mounted on their dread beasts, the fabled Blue […]

Digging It With The Dwarves

Dwarf with Axe

Hi-Ho, HI-Ho, it’s off to a new website we go! Our super Original Dixon Dwarves have teamed up with the Landsknecht Dwarves of QT and the dungeon delving and working dwarves of the Pendragon Studios to form an unbeatable mix of poses, weapons and jobs. Everything from Cobnir and Gunmoil making and polishing arms and […]