The Baron of Hangore

The Baron of Hangore and his men From his impregnable keep high above the Vale of Hangore, the Baron can see his enemies coming from many miles away.  This allows him time to call his men to defend his lands.  Accompanied by the (in)famous Hangore Death Riders, mounted on their dread beasts, the fabled Blue […]

Digging It With The Dwarves

Dwarf with Axe

Hi-Ho, HI-Ho, it’s off to a new website we go! Our super Original Dixon Dwarves have teamed up with the Landsknecht Dwarves of QT and the dungeon delving and working dwarves of the Pendragon Studios to form an unbeatable mix of poses, weapons and jobs. Everything from Cobnir and Gunmoil making and polishing arms and […]