"In politics stupidity is not a handicap." - Napoleon Bonepart.

The Baron of Hangore

The Baron of Hangore and his men

From his impregnable keep high above the Vale of Hangore, the Baron can see his enemies coming from many miles away.  This allows him time to call his men to defend his lands.  Accompanied by the (in)famous Hangore Death Riders, mounted on their dread beasts, the fabled Blue Irdre – who add much to the strength of the Death Riders and are feared by all they meet.  Always accompanied by a Priest of the Death Goddess, Hentu, whose colours of red – for lives they have lived, green for the life to come and yellow for the time of peace between lives.  The Priest records the deeds of the Death Riders for Hentu, this determines the time the rider spends in the yellow before reentering the green.

These figures were designed by Barry Minot and form part of our Pendragon range.

Ropnil, Priest of Hentu

Heavy Death Rider

Death Raider of the Black Order