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About Us

Wargames Design Workshop was founded in 2017 by Dave Hutchby and Clive Holland, who have over 80 years wargaming experience between them. Wargames Design Workshop has successfully bought back several retro 25mm brands:

Concentrating mainly on historical miniatures, there is a wide selection ranging from the mighty City of Ur, through to the end of the Medieval period.  Also are included the Original Dixon ‘Flodden’ range and onwards through the Wars of Religion to the ACW and Zulu wars period.  Due to the flexibility of the QT range, new nationalities are continuously being added to the ‘Ancients’ period. Consequently the range is ever expanding and we welcome suggestions for new ideas.

Finally, we have an extensive range of animals, everything from Andrewsarchus (a large prehistoric mammalian carnivore) to Zebra via dinosaurs, the yeti and yaks, including a large range of farmyard and wild animals, carts, and civilians.

New releases will be posted in our newsletter as well as on Facebook.

Wargames Design Workshop is not open to visitors, all orders can be placed on-line.

Our Brands

Amazon Miniatures

Amazon Miniatures brought together a number of previously out of production brands and then went on to produce their own ranges. There were some historical such as Chinese Han and Tang, Border Reivers and some WWII, however their Pulp ranges of Guns and Girls and various street gangs undoubtedly got the most attention (good and bad!). But finally it was the animals: African animals, farm animals, prehistoric animals which made them the essential accessories for almost every wargamer.

Original Dixons

Dixons Miniatures are of course still ever expanding their figure ranges. Amazon Miniatures took over the early ranges from Dixons because these miniatures fitted in well with the QT ranges that they had already acquired.


The QT 25mm multi-part miniatures were originally designed and produced by Dave Hoyle (Museum Miniatures). The range covered ancients through to American Civil War. The interchangeable heads and weapons led to great possibilities for customisation.

QT passed on to Sabre Miniatures for a short time before being acquired by Amazon Miniatures under whom there were new additions and variants added.


Sculpted by Barry Minot but put out by Pendragon Studios Ltd, the range includes many accessories used in role play and fantasy wargames.


When Amazon passed over the Garrison Miniatures, well …, to Garrison Miniatures other Greenwood & Ball ranges also went with them such as Admins, Rose, and SKT. Except for the Zulu Wars. To reduce confusion then these got re-branded to be Amazon Miniatures Zulus and further accessories and some non-historical females were added to that range.

Wargamer’s Whims

Wargamer’s Whims is owned by Rafa Tortosa, we have the sole rights to sell his products in the UK.

All Images of Wargamers’ Whims products are copyright to Wargamers’ Whims, they are reproduced on this website by permission of Wargamers’ Whims.