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"Oyez! Oyez!" The Events of Late


A New Era

Three score years and ten ago (or so it feels) we launched our original website, The time has now come to say farewell to our venerable old comrade – and welcome the new kid on the block! Easier to navigate and

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From The Mag

From The Mag

Featured in this month’s Miniature Wargames.

We are proud to announce we are the sole UK distributor for this exciting range of battlemats from Wargamer’s Whims, use the link to check them out on our site.

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Dwarf with Axe
Featured Product

Digging It With The Dwarves

Hi-Ho, HI-Ho, it’s off to a new website we go! Our super Original Dixon Dwarves have teamed up with the Landsknecht Dwarves of QT and the dungeon delving and working dwarves of the Pendragon Studios to form an unbeatable mix

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