"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." - Winston S. Churchill.

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"Oyez! Oyez!" The Events of Late

New Products

Walk Like an Egyptian

Wanna be a Rameses or a Thutmosis? Now’s your chance, we’ve just released our Chariot range. We have Egyptians, Sumerians, Sea Peoples and Libyans. So pop your sandals on, get yourself over to https://wargamesdesignworkshop.co.uk/product-category/ancient-and-medieval/chariot/ and with our summer sale you

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Featured Product

I’m turning Japanese!

Sumo Basho is a game even your Granny will love! A humorous, irreverent look at the World of Sumo and man mountains, Sumo Basho is a fast-paced, card-driven game for two players. The aim of the game is to push

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Featured Product

The Baron of Hangore

The Baron of Hangore and his men From his impregnable keep high above the Vale of Hangore, the Baron can see his enemies coming from many miles away.  This allows him time to call his men to defend his lands. 

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