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Featured Range – March ’24 (Pre-Historic figures)

This month we highlight our Pre-historic animal range. There are over 30 products in this range; we have a mix of Reptiles, mammals, including early Hominids, and relics.

Pre-Historic – Wargames Design Workshop

These products will have a 5% discount applied at checkout, there’s no need to add a code, throughout March.

Our largest model is for a Yangchuanosaurus, similar to the Allosaurus, it was also a large predator. There are two versions of Bigfoot (Yeti, Abominable Snowman) this semi-legendary, semi-mythological being has various incarnations across the Globe.

The early Hominids have a Wildman, Shaman figure, a Caveman family and some dinosaur riding ladies. The last of which hit the boundary between fact and fantasy, they are designed to ride on the Phorusrhacos models.